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Featuring products with Green-Lipped Mussel, MSM, and Glucosamine to rebuild joints and improve mobility


Featuring products with Sea Cucumber that deliver FAST, natural pain relief to battle arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint pain

Here’s What Dog Owners Are Saying

“This has charged my 9 year old Golden Retriever’s life! KC hasn’t been able to get into my SUV without me lifting her in for a few years and within just a few weeks, she’s able to get in with little to no assistance. I can’t wait to see how else it helps her!”

Cole M., post via Facebook

“My dog Zeke is a mixed retriever and his back legs were starting to get weak. He used to run on the beach with me but he’s not able to run like he used to. I stumbled upon a supplement with green lipped mussel and I saw a big improvement in Zeke in a matter of a week.”

Doug F., Santa Monica, CA

“This stuff is FANTASTIC!!! We have noticed a BIG difference in our Angel’s mobility, she is 13 with bad hip dysplasia.”

Lisa M., post via Facebook

“Molly, my Newfoundland, turned eight this year, and about a 1 1/2 years ago her right hind leg began to tremor and weaken. Green lipped mussel have contributed to healing my Newfoundland’s hind leg and giving her more mobility and strength around her hips. Yay!!

S. Wong, – Murrieta, CA

About Pet Wellness Direct

We started Pet Wellness Direct to take the mystery out of buying supplements for your pets. Our products are “Veterinarian Strength” and contain superior ingredients. Each item that we sell has a “Product Ambassador” who is an expert (and usually a Veterinarian) in the category and is able to explain the features and benefits of the product.

Pet Wellness Direct is a direct-to-consumer distributor of scientifically-formulated products approved by Veterinarians and designed to promote optimum wellness.

We deliver education from the world’s leading experts in the pet industry to help our customers make better informed purchase decisions to ensure their pet’s longevity. We believe that your pet is part of the family and “every family member counts.”

Our goal is to be your trusted source when buying pet supplements. We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience, and more importantly, help with your pet’s wellness.